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CSUN RTI Dissertation

David Riddick


RTI Survey

RTI Survey (online)


The survey is intended to measure how LAUSD schools responds to students who are struggling.

Each school implements intervention differently, I am attempting to gauge which elements of RTI

schools believes are important and practice.  I am hoping to find common elements of RTI from 30

LAUSD schools that teachers and administrators practice and believe to be important to student learning.

This survey is voluntary and the results will be shared with participants.


My study explores the implementation of Response to Intervention (RtI) to increase student achievement.

My objective is to obtain survey information from administrators and teachers from thirty similar school

sites in the Los Angeles Unified School District. Teachers and administrators of four schools who

demonstrate a high RtI implementation rate will take part in a study to explore how they have overcome

organizational barriers to implement RtI. These four schools will range from high growth to limited

growth as measured by Academic Performance Index (API) and Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) growth

on the California Standards Tests. Principals of the four schools will be interviewed and teachers will

take part in focus groups and will be observed during collaborative planning meetings.


Directions to give RTI Survey


RTI Survey


Informational Letter on RTI Study


CSUN Participant Approval Letter


Official Clearance from LAUSD