†††††††††††††††††††††††† List of Strategies to Promote Meaning in Your Instruction


-         Meaning: Focuses on conceptual understanding, not just role learning.Help students build sophisticated understanding of the world and its people.

-         Connect: Connect studentsí prior experiences to content area.

-         Many kinds of print: Connect students to different genres in print; include posters, recipes, student-generated work, letters and signs.

-         Newspaper & current periodicals: Connect students with examples of what you are studying in periodicals and the world today.

-         Technology: Connect students by accessing information from around the world through the Internet.Use video disks, Web-sites

o       Ex. (Dyer Street Cool Links)

-         Models: Use physical models to provide opportunities to study hard-to-reach phenomena such as atoms, planets, rockets or the human heart.

-         Graphic organizers: Provide visual displays of your information to support auditory input.Use Venn diagrams to compare and contrast to provide meaning.

-         Food: Try foods form different places or that illustrate different scientific or mathematical applications.

o       Ex. pizza for fractions or to graph items on a slice of pizza

-         Works of art: Reproductions of great works of art to set the stage for the study of concepts from the content area.

-         Class Specialist: Assign a class specialist in art, music, writing, and poetry to perform or explain a concept from class.Students who are good at one subject will relate their specialty to the class theme of the week.

-         Music: Find recording to support your study of history and culture.