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Ch.6 Individuals with Disabilities and the Law


Bd. of Ed of Hendrick Hudson Central Sch. District v. Rowley (1982) U.S.

·        Parents of a deaf student want a translator in all of her academic classes

·        Cited “appropriate” provision of the IDEA to provide services for a child to receive maximum benefits from the IEP

·        Don’t have to maximize as long as students are moving forward toward IEP goals and achieve passing grades.


Thomas v. Atascadero Unified School District (1987) California

·        AIDS case

·        Can’t discriminate against students with AIDS

·        School violated Section 504 and 14th Amendment civil rights.


Grube v. Bethlehem Area School District (1982) Pennsylvania

·        Grube was excluded from playing football because school officials found out he had only one kidney.

·        Court ruled can’t discriminate against Grube because he only has one kidney.

·        Must allow Grube to play football.


Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act (1973)

·        A national commitment to end discrimination in any program that receives federal funds


IDEA (1990) Individuals with Disabilities Education Act

·        free appropriate public education

1.     Child’s disability must be declared a “child with a disability” under section 1401 of the IDEA.

2.     Child must need special education and related services because of the disability.

Americans with Disability Act (1990)

·        Expanded civil right protection to students and persons with disabilities