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Acceptable Use Policy

Mr. Riddick’s 5th Grade Class



Dear Parents and Students,


This letter is to inform you of our classroom Acceptable Use Policy.   This is an agreement between the teacher, students, and parents that we will use technology for instructional and educational purposes only.  Los Angeles Unified School District has adopted an Acceptable Use Policy to set guidelines for use of technology at the school site.  Students under 18 must have their parents or guardians sign this policy.  As your instructor, I am responsible for ensuring students and parents understand what acceptable use of technology includes.


Acceptable use considers the privacy, security, and safety of everyone involved with technology at the school site.


What is privacy?


·       Private Property – Respect the private copyrighted property of others.  Do not copy material that is copyrighted form the Internet.  Give credit to the author and say it in your own words.


·       Users at a school site do not have right of privacy regarding accounts – System Administrator has the authority to monitor all Accounts via e-mail, class computers, and the computer lab.


·       Respect the privacy of your classmate’s folders.  Ask before viewing other’s files or data.


·       Do not delete, copy, modify, or change another’s files or data.


·       Do not use other users’ Account passwords or identifiers.



What do you mean by security?


·       A security problem on the Internet may be caused by downloading games on-line.  Never download games to either classroom computers or to the computer lab. 


·       Viewing or downloading offensive, threatening, or obscene material is not allowed.


·       Selling or purchasing any illegal substance is not allowed


·       Treat computers with respect.  Do not damage computer equipment, files, data or the network.


·       Downloading large files, including “chain letters” is prohibited.


·       Impersonating other users is forbidden.


·       Transmitting or downloading computer viruses or other harmful files to disrupt computers is banned.


·       Playing games or using computers for non-academic work is not allowed unless supervised by school staff.


How do I practice safe use of technology?


·       Do not give out personal information about yourself to anyone on the Internet.


·       Students will not talk with or e-mail anyone on the Internet from School Site.


·       Students will not reveal their full names, home addresses, telephone numbers, school addresses, or parents’ names on the Internet.


·       Students will not meet anyone in person they have met on the Internet.


·       Students will use the computer resources for academic purposes only.





I have read and understand the Acceptable Use Policy for Mr. Riddick’s Class.




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