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Copyright Policy

Mr. Riddick’s 5th Grade Class



Dear Parents and Students,


This letter is to inform you of our classroom Copyright Policy.  Section 106 of the 1976 Copyright Act is to prevent the copying of someone else’s work.  Copying is cheating.


What is illegal copying?

Copyright laws protect the creative work of the person who created it.  These laws protect authors of literary, dramatic, musical, and all other artistic and intellectual works.


Have you seen this symbol before? © 

You may have seen it on a book, a movie, CD, or website.  It means this work has been copyrighted.  You cannot copy the pictures, story, or words without the author’s permission.


Basic Copyright Rules:


1.     Never copy an author’s writing word for word.

2.     Always give credit to the author in a bibliography.



Sample Bibliography:


Book Entry:


Arnheim, R. (1971). Art and visual perception.

      Berkeley, CA: University of  California  Press.



Web Site:

Author. Title of web page. Web page address Copyright year. Inc, (1997-2004).  Retrieved November 21, 2004, from



Remember, in your own words and give credit to the author.





Mr. Riddick



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