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Dear Parents:

Welcome to an exciting year in Mr. Riddick’s 5th grade class. I am pleased to have your child in my class.  Their enthusiasm and energy for learning offer great challenges.  My hope is to meet their physical, social and developmental needs in an environment that encourages differentiated instruction. 

The following information will clear up some questions and help with class concerns:


      Homework packets are given on Mondays.  Homework packets contain homework for the entire week.  Homework is to be done each weeknight and turned in the following morning.

Report Cards:

      Weekly report cards are given on Friday’s.  Please sign and return them.  After I check for parent signatures, I will return report cards to the students.  You may want to collect the report cards to chart your child’s progress in 5th grade. 

      The following is a list of supplies for students in my class:

- Pencil Box

- 3 Spiral Notebooks (wide-ruled)

- Glue sticks

- Notebook paper – wide ruled (at least 200 sheets)

- #2 Pencils

- Pencil sharpener – with a built in shaving container

- colored pencils

- Ruler

- safety scissors

- Crayola Markers

- pocket folder for "take-home papers"


I am looking forward to a wonderful year!


Mr. Riddick

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