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Dear Parent/Guardian,


Thank you for your attending GATE parent night.  Students enjoyed presenting their class projects to you and the feedback you provided.


I would like to inform you of a math game we are playing in class.  It is a game I encourage you to play with your students as well.  It’s called, “The Other Part of 100.”  The way it works is by giving students a number, 28 for example.  Students then determine what “the other part of 100” will be.  This is an unending activity that can last as long as you want it to.  We use it in class as a transition between subjects. 


Students need to learn the skill of mental math to be proficient in math problem solving and critical thinking.  I encourage you to use this game and other mental math activities to help build your child’s mental math proficiency. 




                                                                                                Thank you,



                                                                                                Mr. Riddick







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