Reach for the sky 



Lesson Plans


             1st Grade

1st Grade Open Court Blending

Water Bonds to Form Clouds

            4th Grade

   Language Arts

Expository Reading – Bloom’s Taxonomy

Narrative Reading – Bloom’s Taxonomy

Greek/Latin Roots

Setting for Narrative Story

Strategies for Writing a Conclusion


Compare and Order Fractions

Relating Fractions and Decimals


Food Chain

Circuit Board

Germination of a Lima Bean Seed

   Social Studies

California’s Regions

Immigration to California

Yurok and Chumash Indians

Social Studies – 4th Grade

               5th Grade

   Language Arts

Guided Reading

5 Senses to Reinforce Vocabulary

Cooperative Group Activity

Cooperative Group Activity – revised

Direct Instruction – Write a Conclusion

Shared Reading

Structural Analysis – Greek/Latin Roots

Guided Reading

Story Mapping – Compare Characters A

Story Mapping – Compare Characters B

Oral Reading

Phonics/Word Analysis – Greek/Latin

Research Writing

Word Wall - “Galileo”

Strategies for Writing a Conclusion


Fractions Greater Than One

Graph Points in the Coordinate Plane

Math Problem Solving


Circulatory System

Expansion and Contraction

Solar System

   Social Studies

Hernando Cortez – KWL Activity

Hernando Cortez – revised

Jamestown and Plymouth in the 1600’s

Southern Colonies – Cooperative Learning

Military Campaigns of American Revolution

Colonists Unite Against the British

        Integrating Technology


Story Maps 



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